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  • Spritzes & Fizzes & Highballs, Oh, My!
    June 13, 2018 Patrick Smith

    Spritzes & Fizzes & Highballs, Oh, My!

    While a stiff drink never goes out of style, in the summer heat it’s hard to beat something refreshing, something bubbly enough to tickle your tongue as well as it tickles your fancy. Enter our three summertime players: the Spritz, the Fizz, and the Highball. 
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  • Your New Summer Fling: The Aperitivo
    June 13, 2018 Mish Sukharev

    Your New Summer Fling: The Aperitivo

    If there’s just one tradition we could transplant from Italy to this side of the Atlantic, it very well might be the Aperitivo Hour. Here, on our side of the globe we’ve inherited the decidedly more New World-style, Happy Hour. And don’t get us wrong, Happy Hours are great - but Aperitivo Hours are just something different - more relaxed, more convivial, more joyful. Who can say no to a late afternoon in the sun, enjoying a glass of something light, delicious and refreshing?
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  • January 22, 2018 Meredith Lantz

    Sipping Gin and Drier Amaro made by the Bay's OG in craft distilling

    Farid is one of the Bay Areas's original distillers, and he started doing small batch gin before those terms were ever even strung together in a sentence.  His gin is produced in batches with fewer than 300 at his Falcon Spirits distillery in Richmond California. From start to finish the production take a month, during which he actually uses a proprietary method of vapor infusion as he produces his gin.  That method helps capture aromas with the least amount of impurity.  The 100% grain spirit is six times distilled and carbon filtered, which creates a lighter bodied, very botanically balanced sipper.
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  • January 22, 2018 Joe Barwin

    Amaro like a Distilleria Varnelli boss

    Located on the slopes of Mount Sibillini in Eastern Italy, Distilleria Varnelli has been creating intensely Italian liqueurs there since its founding in 1868. Some 150 years later, the families’ intensely Italian four women strong fourth generation continues to insist on 100% natural ingredients and traditional techniques. Elda, Gigliola Simonetta, Mari Donatella and Orietta Maria still personally oversee the secret phases of production, hopefully it’s the very old school extraction of botanicals over a wood fire. The mission: “Offer products that make pleasant moments of social life still more pleasant, with ancient flavors reinterpreted in a contemporary way.” Perfect. If you can’t tell, I’m totally stanning for these D’oro Donne and their quintessential Amaro.
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  • January 22, 2018 Melissa Watson

    How to Make a Spritz: Way More than Just Aperol

    The Aperol Spritz has been everywhere lately. It’s a San Francisco brunch favorite. I live in the suburbs and a local restaurant even named their happy hour Spritz Hour!

    I’m sure you’ve seen it around. Bubbly and bright orange. Day drinking appropriate. Won’t knock you on your butt too fast. Approachable like a glass of wine but enough of a mixed drink to lend a little cocktail cred. But the spritz has been around longer than Aperol so you shouldn’t be afraid to tinker and come up with your own variations. 

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  • January 19, 2018 Melissa Watson

    Amaro + Artichokes: an education and a cocktail recipe

    Bitter tends to be an acquired taste to most palettes so don’t be surprised if you don’t enjoy Amaro at first, I didn’t! I’ve been into this category of liqueur for most of a decade and I love how many people have decided to join me on the bittersweet side of life. Most amaros (or amari if you pluralize properly in Italian) are made in Italy but American distillers have been creating their own versions more and more.
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  • January 19, 2018 Joe Barwin

    Lo-Fi Aperitifs, Perfect for Spritz's and Never Fail Cocktails

    Looking for a light, flavorful, refreshing, and low ABV cocktail for those summer afternoons?  Let us introduce you to the perfect solution.

    Lo-Fi Aperitifs are a line of vermouths and amaro crafted with California wines and natural herbs & botanicals. It can be enjoyed on it’s own, or used generously in a cocktail — not just whispered over a martini. They infuse their wine with a unique blend of botanicals are listed right on the label. Everything that’s in it, is on it! 

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  • January 19, 2018 Meredith Lantz

    Rosé? No Way. 5 beautiful bottles to gift the dinner party host

     The intoxicating chorus of Rosé's pop and clink will always be a warm weather hit single, but we're hoping this summer's anthem is more about these literally red, haute, alt-rocking bottles.  Each pick will incite refrains of oohs and ahhs when you present this as your dinner party host gift, but they're so easy to drink, it won't be long before you're singing the chorus to Drunk in Love.
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