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The perfect dreamy cocktail for a nostalgic TBT


It's that bittersweet moment the morning after waking from a pleasant dream. A fond yet fleeting memory of something that felt so real, leaving you with an equally brief moment of sadness, and just like that it's gone. Named for a sweetheart from days past, Aimee's Dream is a refreshing cocktail that utilizes the winner of Best New Cocktail Ingredient from Tales of the Cocktail, Italicus (A bergamot and rose liqueur hailing from Italy). The strong citrus and floral notes of this cocktail give you a pleasant start, eventually giving way to a well bodied cocktail that finishes with just the slightest bitterness.  

Aimee's Dream

Add all the ingredients to a shaker tin and give it a quick shake. Double strain and serve up with a lemon disk garnish and a drop of rose water.  

Feel free to adjust measurements based on the type of gin you have on hand, but try to stick with something that's more citrus/floral forward with juniper taking a little bit of a back seat on this one.


Preston Lai is our resident professional bartender.  When he isn't dispensing cocktail advice at the shop, he's mixing things up at Mortar & Pestle in San Mateo. Go by and see him!

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