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  • 6 Handy Brandy Cocktails for a Dandy Good Time
    September 23, 2018 Patrick Smith

    6 Handy Brandy Cocktails for a Dandy Good Time

    Brandy may be scarce on many of today’s cocktail menus, but it’s really the OG spirit of classic cocktails, and we think it deserves a bit of a Renaissance. Brandies of various kinds were distilled throughout the American northeast before Whiskey was ever even dreamed up farther inland, fueling the livers of the revolution and eventually making some of the first cocktails. Old school drinks that we generally associate with whiskey, like an old fashioned or Sazerac, were originally made with brandy, before changing national tastes made American whiskey the barrel aged spirit du jour.

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  • 50-50 Cocktails For A 100% Good Time
    September 14, 2018 Mish Sukharev

    50-50 Cocktails For A 100% Good Time

    Recently we've been fans of simple cocktails - just look at Melissa's incredibly fun and practical post on "no math" cocktails. Complex and elaborate cocktails will always have a special place in our hearts, but sometimes something that's quick and easy is just the ticket. But that doesn't mean that we can't expect a lot out of our simple cocktails! Quite the opposite - simple but uncompromising cocktails is one of out favorite challenges. 
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  • Easy As One, Two, Three: Your Guide to No Math Cocktails
    August 23, 2018 Melissa Watson

    Easy As One, Two, Three: Your Guide to No Math Cocktails

    I recently had an epiphany. A customer asked how he could easily increase the number of cocktails in his home bar repertoire but still genuinely wow his friends. I started to write out a list of my favorite recipes and quickly noticed a pattern emerging. It hit me: all the drinks I make on a regular basis, at least the way I make them, use absolutely no fractions. Not necessarily equal parts but whole parts. Keeping things simple allows me to whip up stylish drinks without a lot of fuss.
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  • Lowering The Bar: The Sweet and Simple Truth About Syrup
    August 3, 2018 Mish Sukharev

    Lowering The Bar: The Sweet and Simple Truth About Syrup

    Recently I was helping a friend come up with a cocktail of his wedding - he wanted something gin based, with lots of flavors of pine and other California rooted flavors.  I set off experimenting with different vermouths, teas, fresh infusion, etc. And while I was getting close to the flavors he wanted, the end result always tasted somehow not complete. Like something was too thin and hollow. Many of us who experiment with cocktail recipes know all too well the frustration of feeling like the cocktail is almost there - but somehow held back from being fully realized.
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  • Will the real Margarita please stand up?
    July 30, 2018 Patrick Smith

    Will the real Margarita please stand up?

    The Margarita is perhaps the most oft quaffed cocktail in America, where people who don’t even consider themselves cocktail drinkers will still regularly order one. It’s almost a category all it’s own, millions of them served daily by the veritable “Tex-Mex Industrial Complex”, that inescapable Americanized Mexican restaurant with the same 7 ingredients served in various guises along with any variety of fruit flavored ‘rita your little heart desires. But what is a Margarita, really?
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  • Causing A Stir With Agave: Six Spirit-Forward Tequila and Mezcal Cocktails
    July 10, 2018 Patrick Smith

    Causing A Stir With Agave: Six Spirit-Forward Tequila and Mezcal Cocktails

    Agave spirits, much like Mexico itself, have a complicated relationship with American drinkers. Our common association with Agave spirits is that of parties, fruity drinks, and bad decisions. Margaritas are the first, and often only drink that comes to mind when folks are confronted with the question of Agave cocktails, maybe a Paloma if they are especially well traveled and sensitive to local proclivities. But again, like Mexico, Agave is so much more than this.
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    June 20, 2018 Mish Sukharev


    With its classic, striking label and near omnipresence in pop culture and commercial art for over a century, a bottle of Lillet looks familiar to almost everyone. James Bond even called for it by name! But outside of this familiarity, the liquid inside is a mystery to many people..
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  • A Very Sherry Situation
    June 20, 2018 Patrick Smith

    A Very Sherry Situation

    My first association with sherry was as a boy reading the Harry Potter books, in which the crazed, clairvoyant, and apparently alcoholic teacher, Professor Trelawney, is constantly described as smelling strongly of cooking sherry. Although I had no clue what sherry was, this association with the “crazy, spinster aunt” type stuck. I proceeded to live my life quite happily for some years before being untimely sucked into the world of cocktails, where I found myself avoiding recipes that called for all varieties of this mysterious sherry, never quite being sure of what it was or where I would start with it, not to mention the probably deep seated fear that I may eventually become a spinster myself if I tried it. 
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  • Spritzes & Fizzes & Highballs, Oh, My!
    June 13, 2018 Patrick Smith

    Spritzes & Fizzes & Highballs, Oh, My!

    While a stiff drink never goes out of style, in the summer heat it’s hard to beat something refreshing, something bubbly enough to tickle your tongue as well as it tickles your fancy. Enter our three summertime players: the Spritz, the Fizz, and the Highball. 
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  • Your New Summer Fling: The Aperitivo
    June 13, 2018 Mish Sukharev

    Your New Summer Fling: The Aperitivo

    If there’s just one tradition we could transplant from Italy to this side of the Atlantic, it very well might be the Aperitivo Hour. Here, on our side of the globe we’ve inherited the decidedly more New World-style, Happy Hour. And don’t get us wrong, Happy Hours are great - but Aperitivo Hours are just something different - more relaxed, more convivial, more joyful. Who can say no to a late afternoon in the sun, enjoying a glass of something light, delicious and refreshing?
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