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Flavored Rums

  • Copalli Cacao Rum
    Copalli Rum

    Copalli Cacao Rum


    The Copal Tree Farms in Belize grow their own organic, heirloom sugar cane and oversee the making of their rum from start to finish. Pure canopy wa...

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  • Boukman Botanical Rhum
    Summerisle Spirits

    Boukman Botanical Rhum

    2 reviews

    Boukman Botanical Rhum is derived from two of Haiti’s best rhum terroirs, the rich canefields of Croix des Bouquets in the south and the northern c...

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  • Selvarey Cacao Rum
    Bruno Mars

    Selvarey Cacao Rum

    3 reviews

    SelvaRey Cacao is the realization of a lifetime of rum making by the world’s foremost Maestro Ronero. Many flavored spirits consist of artificial s...

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  • Don Q Mojito Rum
    Destilería Serrallés

    Don Q Mojito Rum


    Don Q Mojito bottles the essence of the mojito using rum aged 1 to 1½ years and real mint leaves, so all you have to do is add a bit of club soda ...

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