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Shop Our Store Picks!

Malahat Ginger Rum

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Malahat's Ginger Rum comes from a passion for innovation. Many experiments never made it to the bar, but ginger is the perfect complement to their rums. After testing all kinds of different gingers from many different regions, they realized that bringing out the heat was the easy part. The true refinement was to pull the sweetness from the ginger, and hand selected the ginger that provided that flavor. Each ginger root that goes into the rum is inspected for quality and every last one is peeled by hand.

The Ginger Rum is smooth and clean. It pulls the sweetness of the ginger, with just a touch of heat. The color comes from the natural juices of the ginger. It’s 100% natural. It’s unique flavors make it the perfect base for any cocktail, but also easy to sip neat or on the rocks.