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Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt Japanese Whisky

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Nikka's Miyagikyo Single Malt is made at the Miyagikyo Distillery, located in the Miyagi Prefecture, northeast of Honshu, where the fresh waters of the Nikkawa and Hirose rivers meet. Mostly unpeated barley is used at the distillery, though this single malt contains a portion of slightly peated malt. Casks of sherry, new American oak, ex-bourbon oak, and others are utilized for maturation. It's bottled at 45% ABV.

A perfect introduction to Japanese whisky: a lighter body paired with a whole bouquet of delicious flavors, adored for its spicy, green apple, malty, and caramel notes. Boasts an elegant fruitiness, citrus, nougat, salt seaweed, some nutty/sherried notes, and a soft smokiness in the background, delicately balancing both sweet and savory.