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Shop Our Store Picks!

Lo-Fi Spritz Kit


This Californian take on the classic Italian Spritz replaces the familiar orange and red liqueurs with our beloved pink Gentian Amaro from Napa Valley's Lo-Fi Aperitifs, created without artificial flavors or colors. Infused with grapefruit, hibiscus (where it gets its gorgeous color), anise, cinchona bark, Seville orange oil bitters, ginger and bois de rose. Whereas a traditional spritz may transport you to a canal-side cafe in Venice, this evokes a brisk but sunny cliff-side picnic alongside a Pacific sunset. A modern classic. 

Kit contains Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro (750 ml), West + Wilder Sparkling White Wine (3 x 250 ml), Fever Tree Club Soda (3 x 150 ml),  Dardiman's Grapefruit Crisps (2 x 9g), and a recipe card.