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Bozal Guias de Calabaza Sacrificio Mezcal

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Following the age-old tradition from mezcaleros, sacrificial mezcal is typically produced in small batches for personal consumption as well as fiestas for the locals. The production is seasonal and takes place at year-end. First, the agave is crushed by a stone tahona wheel moved by a bull, baked in earthen pit ovens, fermented and then distilled. During the second distillation, pumpkin stems, in addition to seasonal fruits and grains harvested from the local market, are suspended inside the bottom of the still in a basket. Local produce includes pineapple, plantains and oranges, along with pumpkin seeds and chepiche.

A unique, vegetarian Sacrificio offering. The nose provides bright scents of citrus peel and orange blossom, complemented by greener notes of mint, cucumber, and eucalyptus. The chepiche used in the final distillation really shows through, bringing a brightness on the palate. The flavor journey continues, rounding out with warm vegetal flavors imparted by pumpkin stems and plantains, finishing with the minerality of river rock and a whisper of charred green peppers.