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Vermouth for Sipping Flight

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Long quaffed and beloved by Europeans as an aperitif, over time vermouth became relegated in the United States to an afterthought in a few standard cocktails. While it certainly plays beautifully in cocktails, vermouth is fantastic on it's own, as it was always meant to be consumed! This flight brings together three of our favorites across different styles, each one as toothsome and complex as the last.

Flight Includes:

Lo-Fi Dry Vermouth (750 ml) - Sweet anise and coriander aromas with citrus fruit and hints of elderflower. Complex spicy flavors on the palate are balanced with the fresh fruit flavors from the Muscat. Premium wine blended with grape spirit, pair with cider, gin, or rye whiskey.

Mancino Sakura Vermouth (500 ml) - This limited edition Sakura Vermouth is all about the celebrated cherry blossoms. The trebbiano wine base has violet petals and cherry blossom with a lovely pink tint. Lightly sweet, wonderfully complex. 

Padro Reserva Especial Vermouth (750 ml) - Inspired by the wines of the DO Tarragona appellation, made in the style of the “great” fortified drinks of Port, Sherry, and Sauternes. Aromas are intense, sweet and striking. Dried figs, roasted hazelnuts and green walnuts in particular. Very smooth with flavors of licorice, medicinal herbs, and the slight bitter tang of molasses. Aged for 18 months in barrel before bottling.