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Artist Series Auchentoshan 1991 Vintage 30 Year Single Malt Scotch

Auchentoshan produces the most iconic single malt of the Lowlands. The triple distillation (rare in Scotland) and the distillate’s very high alcohol content out of the still enable the production of a fine, subtle, soft and elegant single malt that is often marked by herbal and citrus notes. Like many legendary single malts, this venerable Auchentoshan shows great complexity and yet remains surprisingly easy to drink. The intricate aromas and flavors are perfectly balanced to convey the wonderfully rustic character of this revered Lowlands single malt within a remarkably fresh framework.

On the nose you'll find lavender, green peppercorn, apple pie, cumin, almond, mango, and cinnamon bark. The palate is bright and fruity, with pineapple, lychee, apple jelly, beeswax, fig, date, and cut grass. Florals and earthier flavors come out in the finish, with daisy, iris, citrus, coffee, ginger, roasted pineapple, fig, malted barley, chocolate, and rose petal. Aged completely in a hogshead constructed from ex-bourbon casks and bottled in a 700 ml bottle at a cask strength of 62.8% abv.