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Shop Our Store Picks!

Flor del Desierto Sierra Sotol

When 3 friends from Chihuahua, Mexico, won a baking competition with sotol as their secret ingredient, they began a quest to find the best sotol in Mexico. Their journey led them through the Coyame Desert and the Mountains of Madera. The Sierra bottlings are artisanal sotols from Maestro Jose “Chito” Fernandez. Each bottle of Flor Del Desierto Sotol brings with it parts of Northern Mexico that are uniquely Chihuahua.

Distilled from 100% 18-22 year wild-harvested Dasylirion Wheeleri, ground manually with knife and axe, fermented for 5-10 days in an open pine wood tank, roasted in an underground pit for 3-4 days, and twice distilled on a copper alembic still. 

Vegetal and green nose, with sage, basil, and tangerine. Nice sweetness on the tongue, with lush mouthfeel and subdued minerality, fruity with notes of that chili and galangal. Smoke is low and dry, adding tickles of pepper. Finish is long and satisfying, with lingering aniseed notes.