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Galveston Double Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky


The family-owned Bodegas Hidalgo la Gitana was founded in 1792 and has been passed down through 8 generations. This is their first-ever release of Single Malt produced entirely in Spain.

The malt comes from the hills of Sierra Nevada in Granada, Spain. Fermented for 72 hours before being double distilled on specially hand crafted copper stills. The spirit was filled into two American Oak Butts that had previously spent over 200 years in the famous Napoleon Amontillado VORS solera system and aged for 12 long years in the Hidalgo's historic cellars. The two barrels were married and proofed to 45% before bottling, so while the label states this is a "double sherry cask finish" it is neither a finished nor in multiple types of sherry. It is simply two barrels aged full term in some of the best old sherry butts anywhere in Spain. The resulting spirit can only be described as overwhelmingly decadent. Deeply imbued with the complexity of the old wood and that special wine. A truly unique expression, exciting and unusual addition to any malt lovers repertoire.