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Hamilton Beachbum Berry's Zombie Blend Rum

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In 2005, Beachbum Berry unearthed the original "lost" Zombie recipe from Don the Beachcomber, which called for three different Caribbean rums. Fourteen years later, Ed Hamilton — the swashbuckling Caribbean trader turned crusading “pure rum” importer and blender — was drinking with the Bum at his New Orleans Tiki Mecca, Latitude 29, when talk turned to the challenge of recreating the complicated exotic cocktails of the last century.

Over the next two years they experimented with umpteen rum mixes trying to create a one-bottle blend that could reanimate your Zombie, fuel your Jet Pilot, and punch up your favorite Tiki Classics without having to inventory three different rums.

This blend had to be more than a high-octane slug of rum, but rather bring balance to the final drink through a subtle marriage of multiple distillates. The end result of the collaboration is the Hamilton Beachbum Berry’s Zombie Blend Rum.

Purists may point out that the original 1934 Zombie recipe of 1 1/2 oz Puerto Rican rum, 1 1/2 oz Jamaican rum and 1 oz of Demerara 151 adds up to twice the amount of rum as their suggested Zombie recipe, which calls for a mere 2 oz of our 118-proof rum — and they’d be right! So what’s missing? Basically, more water in the rum bottle. The less water, the more concentrated the rum, and the more intense the rum flavors.

With the high ABV of the Beachbum Zombie Blend, you get that flavor at half the volume. And at a fraction of the time, trouble and cost of mixing a Zombie with three different bottles.