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Shop Our Store Picks!

Hidalgo 'Wellington' Palo Cortado VOS 20 Year Sherry

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Palo Cortado is unusual, in that it first ages under a film of yeast ‘flor’ which protects it from oxygen, but then loses that flor to age oxidatively at the very end of the process. Thus, the freshness of Manzanilla and the complexity of dry Amontillado are combined. When aged over twenty years it is entitled to the designation VOS, (Very Old Sherry). This sherry was once sold to British troops under the name ‘Wellington’, and the 1st Duke of Wellington’s portrait is still used on the label today.

Penetrating aromas, nutty yet with tangy freshness. A clean, racy style, with almond and hazelnut husk notes backed by toasted corn, walnut and singed sandalwood accents. A touch of dried persimmon echoes on the very dry finish. One of the great dry sherries. The palate is full rich and rounded.