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Rivers Royale Grenadian Rum

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The River Antoine estate is the oldest operational distillery in the Caribbean to still function in much the same way as it did when it began producing rum in 1785. Whereas some distilleries have been in operation longer, all have been modernized in significant ways, and most produce rum that would be unrecognizable to the stuff they produced hundreds of years ago. Even Jamaica's Hampden Estate, considered one of the world's great operating "ancient" distilleries, looks positively modern when compared to River Antoine. Perhaps the most modern piece of equipment in use is a waterwheel from 1840, used to power the crushing of sugar cane. If the river isn't flowing with enough gusto, no cane is crushed.

The distillery is located on Grenada’s northeast coast near the river of the same name, and makes rum from fresh pressed sugar cane juice from the estate as well as a small amount from other local farms. Stylistically this is similar to Martinique's Rhum Agricole, though the pot distillation to above 75% abv sets it apart. Shows notes of pineapple juice, banana, blackcurrant, and summer berries, followed by a hint of sour milk and tart gooseberry. The grassiness and brine of a classic cane juice rum is present, fighting for supremacy with an almost herbal savoriness. Bottled at 69% abv.