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St George Baller American Single Malt Whiskey

4 reviews
“A California take on the Japanese spin on Scotch whisky.” So says master distiller Lance Winters of this inspired spirit, created with Japanese-style whiskey highballs in mind (hence the name Baller). Distilled from 100% American barley (two-row pale malted and  lightly roasted), distilled in eau de vie pot stills, then aged in used bourbon casks and French oak wine casks, filtered through maple charcoal, and finally finished in casks that had held house-made umeshu - a Japanese style plum liqueur.

The nose is utterly unique, lots of honeyed malt, an earthy pine quality, potpourri, and a lace of subtle wood smoke. Enveloping the whole thing is a unique plum sweetness and some vanilla bean, with the fruity umeshu growing in intensity as the whiskey opens in the glass. On the palate, the smoke is immediately noticeable, with bright notes of lemon peel, grilled peach, and orange zest up against savory saltwater taffy and chimney soot. Lovely balance on the finish with the smoke and citrus receding, while the stewed plums and oak remain.