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A cocktail for when someone tells you not to touch something, and all you can do is touch it

The Daiquiri. Rum, lime, sugar. One of the simplest, most elegant, basically perfect cocktails, deserving an elevated position in the pantheon of classics alongside the Martini and the Manhattan. It's a bartender's favorite, and Cuba's greatest, most influential contribution to the drinking world. A drink like the Daiquiri, the Manhattan, or the Martini needs no serious alteration, tweaking, or updating. We should theoretically be able to live the rest of our lives endlessly quaffing these simple delights with unceasing joy, in their classic form. But alas, we are a broken people.

Since the earliest days of cocktails, every barman, barwoman, barfly, and barstooge has put their own spin on someone else's perfect creation. For better or worse you can't keep a tinkerer down. So if you're a purist, go ahead and mix up a beautiful Daiquiri with 2 ounces of your favorite rum, 3/4 ounces of fresh lime juice, and a teaspoon of good cane sugar. You'll be glad you did. But if you're a damned tinkerer like we all are here at Bitters and Bottles, then read on for some potentially titillating variations on a cocktail that may not have neeeded them, but was totally asking for them. 


This drink was born out of a need to feature Plantation's phenomenal "Stiggin's Fancy" Pineapple Rum in a cocktail after spending a few days just swigging it out of the bottle. So I tried to be fairly straightforward, using ingredients that simply complemented the glorious natural Pineapple flavor of the rum. A daiquiri seemed like just the ticket. The ultra-funky, fruity, high ester quality of Doctor Bird Jamaican Rum emphasizes the fresh Pineapple flavor of the Plantation, the Cinnamon syrup adds a nice cushiony spice in place of sugar, and the full 10 dashes of Angostura Bitters bring that spice all the way home. The Doctor's Fancy is just the prescription you needed. 
Shake well, strain, and garnish with dried pineapple slice


So named for the mountain range near Santiago De Cuba, in the easternmost province of Cuba, perhaps most famous for being the hideout of Fidel Castro's revolutionaries during the early part of the Cuban revolution. This little variation takes two of my herbal favorites from the French alps and adds them into the basic Daiquiri format. The elegant Banks 5 Island Rum is split with Genepy Des Alpes, a classic aperitif of Ski lodges throughout the Alps, and the sweetness from the sugar is replaced with Dolin Blanc Vermouth. 
Shake well, strain, and garnish with small mint sprig


Giffard makes the most delicious, natural tasting fruit liqueurs I've ever tasted, and every single product of theirs that I've tried has been beautiful when added into various classic cocktail recipes. This one, using their Peach liqueur, is an absolute delight, and features one of my favorite Rums as well, the dry and spicy Panama-Pacific 9 year Rum. Lemon is substituted for the standard lime, and a handful of dashes of Cardamom Bitters give it a nice aroma and kick. 
Shake, strain, and add an additional 2 dashes of Cardamom Bitters on top for added aroma
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