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B+B Team picks, SF Summer Edition: Bottles so good they barely make it to the floor

We get new arrivals weekly, and deciding which one to take home is as hard for us as it is for you. This summer there have been dozens of new arrivals, and we've loved them all.

Occasionally, though there are bottles that struggle to make it to the floor because so many of our Bitters + Bottles team stock their home bar with them first.  We save the limited edition whiskey for y'all.  The bottles we tend to covet are the flavor packed cocktail workhorses whose cocktail possibilities are limitless.

The list below highlights the greatest hits over the last few months; bottles that nearly every member of the Bitters crew has taken home and how they've used them.  The flavors skew a little summery, which is perfect since Summer is just about to start here.  Let us know what you're loving and how you're mixing.  Cin cin!

Giffard Pineapple and Passion

Giffard Caribbean Pineapple, $32.50 and Passion Fruit, $26.50

If you weren’t aware the Tiki revival and associated tropical and island cocktails are so hot right now. These flavors are so fun to play with. Like I always say, “Start simple” Shake up some rum, liqueur, citrus juice, and simple syrup to make a simple cocktail featuring your new flavors than adjust the recipe and add and subtract as your heart and mouth desire.

Denni: This has amped up every  rum, agave, and gin sour I've made this summer. I stick to the 2:1:1 ratio.  2 oz base spirit, 1 oz giffard, 1 oz citrus (I love lime), shake with ice and strain.


Fugu Horchata

Fugu Horchata, $21.50

We are huge fans of Cutwater Spirits from San Diego. We stock a lot of their canned cocktails in store but a lot of us were most excited to bring in their Horchata vodka. It is as delicious as you’d imagine. Inspired by the fresh authentic horchata available in San Diego it is brimming with creamy spiced goodness.

MarPeg: Just over ice! What else do you need?  Sure, a nip in coffee doesn't hurt either.


Old Harbor Gin

Old Harbor Southwestern Gin, $24.50

One of the best selling bottles in store since its arrival and another San Diego crafted spirit. Noteworthy for its cucumber and unique cilantro note. This gin is magical in a simple G&T.

Meredith: I've been entertaining a lot with this Gin in Melissa's patented G&T&A's, so refreshing.  The cilantro pairs wonderfully with tonic on taco night.

Rittenhouse Rye 80 Proof

Rittenhouse 80 Proof Rye
, $19.50

A small stock of the discontinued 80 Proof Rittenhouse Rye was lost for years in a Heaven Hill warehouse, fans of retro spirits should stock up, soon it'll be gone baby gone, for real this time.

CJ: Usually limited edition items aren't things I like to cocktail with, but this is an exception. Boulevardiers, Manhattans, Juelps, Sours, even Old Fashioneds.  The spice is a nice balance to the sweet in those cocktails.

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