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Dump Punch is the book I’ll write if Cathy Mitchell lets me

Julia Child built her career by introducing Americans to French cuisine. Infomercial legend Cathy Mitchell introduced the world to the Midwestern cuisine that is dump cooking. Through her books: Dump Cakes, Dump Dinners, Dump and Slow Cook, and Dump for Diabetics, Cathy shared her “from scratch” recipes that took prep down to the three-minute meal mark. These aren’t serious eats and I’d be shocked if a test kitchen ever got involved, but hello, you just set it and forget it.

Now imagine mixing up your summer afternoon party punch 30 seconds before your guests arrive, with a fancy cocktail bar type drink that’ll have your guests talking for days. With our freshly received small batch, citrusy, and organic Muddle & Wilde mixers, it’s as easy as opening a bottle, and dumping it into a punch bowl with a bottle of your preferred spirit and a bottle of sparkling water.

One 8 oz bottle of Muddle & Wilde, one 750 ml bottle of Gin, Rum, Whiskey, Tequila, Mezcal, or Vodka, and one 750 ml bottle of sparkling water will make 16 servings, with a party-propriate ABV of 17%.

Choose from four flavors, now in stock at the store and online at

ps. Skip the booze and top with sparkling water for a mocktail with 1/3 the sugar of a typical soft drink and 10 times the sophistication.



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