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How to Make a Spritz: Way More than Just Aperol

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The Aperol Spritz has been everywhere lately. It’s a San Francisco brunch favorite. I live in the suburbs and a local restaurant even named their happy hour Spritz Hour!

I’m sure you’ve seen it around. Bubbly and bright orange. Day drinking appropriate. Won’t knock you on your butt too fast. Approachable like a glass of wine but enough of a mixed drink to lend a little cocktail cred. But the spritz has been around longer than Aperol so you shouldn’t be afraid to tinker and come up with your own variations. 

Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • 3 oz wine (sparkling, white, rosé)
  • 2 oz bitter (aperitivo, amaro, vermouth)
  • 1 oz fizzy (soda, club, tonic)


Aperol Spritz 

First up is the wine. It’s usually prosecco but it doesn’t have to be. However prosecco is affordable, dry, and very effervescent, so it’s a great fit. You could swap in other sparklings like red Lambrusco or Spanish Cava.

Next up is something bitter. This is a light, refreshing drink to enjoy during the day. Bittersweet liqueurs and vermouths get your appetite going before dinner. Aperol is definitely the most famous spritz but there are so many things you could swap in: Campari, Amaro Angeleno, Cinque Aperitivo, Pampleau, Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro, Leopold Brother’s Aperitivo, Amaro Ciociaro, Cappelletti, Cocchi Americano Rosé, Punt e Mes, .... seriously, so many options!

Finally, one part soda water. Club soda, Topo Chico, LaCroix, SodaStreamed tap water, et al. Some people don’t think this part is important but I think it rounds the drinks edges out nicely. Plus it helps keep the ABV down so you can keep your edge since the night is young. 

It’s as easy as that. So don’t get caught in spritz rut and let us know what you come up with! Want more specific ideas? Check out the book Spritz, by Leslie Pariseau and Talia Baiocchi. Happy spritzing!


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