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LeJay - how to use this classic liqueur for a classic cocktail

LeJay Cassis

Included in the International Bartenders Association list of contemporary cocktails is the Kir, a simple two ingredient drink perfect for the next Summer heat wave.

The recipe is simple, 9 parts dry white wine to 1 part Crème de Cassis (blackcurrant liqueur). The traditional wine used is called Aligoté, a very dry white wine. But most home bartenders reach for any white wine for their Kir but choosing a sweeter, fruity wine won’t provide the necessary dry/sweet balance when paired with the Cassis.

This is likely why the Kir variation, Kir Royale, is more well known. The Kir Royale subs in champagne for the white wine. Champagne, and other bubbly options like Brut and Prosecco, lean drier than white wines and naturally provide the balance that a specific wine choice can offer.  

Fresh in the shop is a Crème de Cassis that ages back to what’s certainly the earliest days of the Kir, LeJay. LeJay was crafted in the Burgundy region of France way back in 1841 and offers a balanced blackcurrant essence with a complimenting cherry and plum notes.

LeJay recommends a Kir Royale with a 4 to 1 ratio creating a much sweeter leaning beverage. We encourage you to try different ratios to find your perfect drink.

Find it now on our shop shelves or online in the Liquor Shop: LeJay Crème de Cassis, $21.50.
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