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Ready-Made Can

Craft has been a driving force in the beer and cocktail world for years now, and we’re beyond tickled to see the convenience of pop top finally meet up with well-made mixed drinks. To be clear, there have been flavored malt-beverage “cocktails” à la Lime-A-Rita, and toothache sweet whiskey & cola in-a-can options, nothing resembling what you’d mix up from scratch though. Now that we’ve got four tasty, all naturally made, portable, and easy drinking options to choose from, we’re calling this as an emerging trend we’re fully in the tank for… (as if there was any question!)

  • The Rock & Rye cocktail from Slow & Low was introduced a ways back, at the time one of the first in a flurry of craft inspired bottled cocktails. The drink itself was inspired by a 1900’s recipe, a sort of rye whiskey old fashioned made with raw honey, citrus peels, rock candy syrup, and bitters. In its new format, they’ve maintained the 84 proof ABV of the original, while shrinking the size down to pocket-sized perfection, aka 100 ml’s of joy.
  • Copper Can’s Moscow Mule is California-designed, Missouri canned. Created by a Marin-based outfit and bottled by Crown Valley Distilling, it blends triple distilled corn vodka with a Brisbane-sourced organic lime juice and medium-spicy ginger beer. At 10% ABV, it clocks in just shy of a home-mixed mule, but over twice the proof of most beers.
  • Cutwater Spirits is a new stand-alone distillery, previously a division of Southern California’s Ballast Point Brewing. Considering the history and their focus on innovation, it seems only natural their Old Grove Gin has been can combined with house-made grapefruit cucumber tonic, and their Three Sheets Rum with a spicy ginger beer. Great for when you’re feeling cool or spicy, tasty as is or with a wedge of lime squeezed right into the can.

    ready-made canned cocktails
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