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  • January 22, 2018 Preston Lai

    How to make a Rosemary flavored cocktail: Romero Pacífico Recipe

    With the slow transition from the summer months into the fall (or not so slow in SF), it’s great to have a cocktail that can be sipped in the heat of July or in the midst of a November chill.

    The Romero Pacifico is an egg white sour that brings together the tart fruit of a sherry and the deep herbs of St. George’s Terroir gin. The flamed rosemary garnish adds a delicious aroma with every sip, all the flavors reminiscent of a Thanksgiving feast, yet still refreshingly light with the egg white.

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  • January 19, 2018 Addition Collaborator

    Bella Rosa Cocktail

    Vimto cordial is a soda concentrate popular in the UK and Middle East, flavored with juice from fresh-pressed grapes, tart black currants, raspberries, herbs, and spices. It isn’t common in the US, but I found some at the Mid-East Market in San Bruno the last time I was stocking up on falafels and hummus. The hint of spice in Vimto inspired me to pair it with a heavily spiced sharwarma dish, with the fruit adding a nice contrast, and cucumber, lime, and gin to keep things bright and fresh. I took inspiration from our fizzy formula, pulling down the sparkling portion for a shorter cocktail. Tanqueray Bloomsbury and its notes of coriander and cassis was my gin of choice, and it worked like a dream.
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  • G & T & (A) Blushing Cocktail Recipe
    January 17, 2018 Meredith Lantz

    G & T & (A) Blushing Cocktail Recipe

    While a gin and tonic is a difficult drink to improve, there are easy and worthwhile variations.  A splash of Aperol amplifies a G&T's botanical flavors, plus that final pour gives you a lovely bleed effect! Turns out, Aperol can do so much more that spritz, it can make your drink blush! 
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