Tiki in the Tea-tons

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A very fun way to mix cocktails from scratch, and also to dress, is to start from the end, and work your way backwards. For example, my sartorial character today is nouveau poor aristocrat who has fallen from wealth but not from grace.   Or my cocktail inspiration tonight, is an imaginary drink at the Sundance Film Festival Tonga Room pop-up.

The cocktail would be rum based of course, but made with hot water instead of crushed ice, and would tip its hat to the mountain setting with an alpine herbal liqueur. Orgeat almond syrup keeps things from straying too far from tiki, with its creaminess particularly well-suited to hot drinks, like adding milk to tea. Mix up our “Tiki in the Tea-tons,” and cin cin to maintaining dignity.

And because stocking up on a bunch of ingredients to make one cocktail is a shame, stock up and make lots of cocktails. Try the Malahat Black Tea with lemonade, or mixed into a Queen's Park Swizzle. The Three Pins Liqueur is lovely topped off with ginger beer and lime juice in a Mule or mixed with unfiltered apple cider over lots of ice. Orgeat almond syrup finds its way into lots of rum cocktails, a couple of our other favorites are the Scotch and Irish Whiskey classic, Cameron’s Kick, and the modern mezcal classic, the Zapatero.
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