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Venus Spirits’ El Ladron: 3 Bottles & 6 Cocktails

Venus Spirits has been making organic spirits since 2014, including gin, whiskey, and their funkily categorized El Ladron ‘Blue Agave Spirit’. Made with blue agave from the Highlands of Mexico, it’s not technically tequila since it’s distilled in Santa Cruz. While it loses a label, what it gains is Venus’ hand-pounded copper Alembic still.

As Sean Venus explains, “Each dimple hammered into the copper creates a location for the distillate to collect and drip back into the pot in a unique way, creating characteristics in the distillate that are unique to each still. Our stills produce a full bodied spirit that is both fragrant and sweet.” The El Ladron lineup has just been completed with an Anejo joining the Blanco and Reposado.  To celebrate, we’re mixing up six cocktails that showcase the best qualities of each expression.

  • El Ladron Blanco: sweet, smooth, and juicy, dripping with tropical fruit flavors and fresh agave, a mouth-filling body and tiny hint of salt. Pair with citrus and fruit in a...
      • Margarita – 2 oz Blanco, ¾ oz Combier Orange Liqueur, ¾ oz Lime Juice. Shake with ice, strain into a cocktail glass.
      • Paloma - 1.5 oz Blanco, 1 oz Top Hat Ruby Go Wild Paloma Concentrate, 3-4 oz Club Soda. Build over ice in tall glass, stir to combine.
  • El Ladron Reposado: aged in used whiskey barrels for three months, adding a touch of caramel and spice onto a base of roasted agave flavors. Pair with bold flavors in a...
  • El Ladron Anejo: aged in new charred oak casks for twelve months, fills the spirit with burn wood sugars and caramel, transforms fruit into overripe pear and apple. Pair with rich flavors in a...
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