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Xaymaca: Plantation's New Funky Treat (And How To Say It)

Xaymaca: Plantation's New Funky Treat (And How To Say It)

Plantation has long been known for their uncanny ability to source incredible rums, releasing them in both blends or single varietals for aficionado and layman alike.

In 2018 we are fortunate to get a new addition to their permanent line up with the Xaymaca (pronounced zay-muck-uh) Special Dry release.

100% pot stilled molasses blended from two distilleries, this rum is quintessential hogo (also known as funk) through and through. With major notes of black banana and flambéed pineapple this rum begs for a space on your go to shelf.

Per Master Distiller Alexandre Gabriel, ”With Xaymaca Special Dry, I wanted to dive into the iconic culture that is unique to Jamaican rum. I wanted to work with these complex flavors of overripe exotic fruits with an almost "animal intensity". We can still find certain white rums with this famous rum funk. I think, however, that this great terroir expresses itself perfectly in an aged rum. That is why we are launching Xaymaca Special Dry, which is a tribute to this ancestral culture of rum".

This powerful rum is a reflection of the origins of Jamaican rum, with all its complexity and intensity. Plantation’s latest investment in the Caribbean nets them ⅓ ownership of the mythical "Long Pond" and "Clarendon" Jamaican distilleries. Thanks to these exceptional production tools, Alexandre Gabriel made his dream of blending a 100% pot still Jamaican rum a reality.

Again from Gabriel, “The access to these two emblematic distilleries with their retort stills, which look like ancient pachyderms, is the realization of dream. It allowed me to dive into this ancestral tradition and create a rum that I had wanted for a long time."

For the rum nerds out there, below are the raw details provide by Plantation regarding the production of this wonderful juice.

  • Alc./Vol. : 43%

  • Origin : Jamaica

  • Distilleries : Clarendon and Long Pond

  • Raw material : Molasses

  • Fermentation : 1 and 3 weeks

  • Distillation : Pot Still (Vendome) from Clarendon Distillery / Pot Still (John Dore) from Long Pond Distillery

  • Tropical ageing : 1 to 3 y.o. in ex-Bourbon casks

  • Continental ageing, elevage : 1 year in ex-Cognac casks

  • Volatile Substances : 312 g/hL AA

  • Esters : 156g/hL AA

  • Marks : Clarendon EMB & MLC marks / Long Pond VRW & STC^E marks

  • Classification : Plummer

  • Dosage : 0 g/L

Plantation recommends a simple cocktail for enjoying the complexity of Xaymaca with the Xaymaca Collins.

Mix rum, syrup, and lime juice into a glass filled with ice cubes. Stir for 15-30 seconds to mix thoroughly and top with club soda.

Ready to try this new Plantation release? Try Xaymaca here!

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