Your Frontier Field Guide to American Whiskey

Posted by Patrick Smith on

We talk to people all the time who know they like American whiskey, but maybe don’t know exactly where to start. Sometimes they’ll know a few bottles they’ve tried and liked, sometimes they aren’t sure it’s Bourbon or Rye or a Single Malt they go for, and sometimes they just aren’t quite sure what whiskey is at all. That’s what we’re here for!

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"Go West, Young Dram!" - Our Favorite Whiskies West of the Mississippi

Posted by Mish Sukharev on

There is a persistent myth that has grown rampant in the world - that great bourbon and rye, the great treasures of the imbiber's New World, can only be made and barreled in a small fraction of the land of "amber waves of grain." But just like The Star Sprangled Banner, bourbon and rye, and all the wonderful in-betweens of American Whiskey, belong to no man, state or county. Learn more about our favorite Whiskies of the West.

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