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Shop Our Store Picks!

Ballervardier Kit

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A lush, fruity, and earthy take on the Boulevardier, this take keeps the American Whiskey base, but it couldn't be a more different American whiskey than a traditional Bourbon or Rye. St. George's Baller, inspired by Japanese whiskey and finished in Umeshu plum liqueur casks, lays a foundation of juicy stone fruits and fresh, floral barley, upon which La Quintinye's Royal Rouge layers more fruit, especially tart berries. Bruto Americano, also from St. George, adds earthy complexity, with gentian, bitter orange, rosemary, and balsam fir, making this less of a strut upon the Boulevard, and more of a saunter through the boreal forest in the summertime. 

Kit includes one 750 ml bottle of St. George Baller Whiskey, one 750 ml bottle of St. George Bruto Americano, one 750 ml bottle of La Quintinye Royal Rouge Vermouth, and a recipe card.