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Bond & Lillard Kentucky Bourbon


Born of the grit and hustle of the two sturdy men that bore its name, Bond and Lillard Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey caught the international spotlight when it was awarded the Grand Prize at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. Praised for its, “Real delicacy of flavor, beauty in the sparkle and superiority in strength,” it was triumphantly declared that Bond and Lillard Bourbon, “Bears no equal.” 

The original Lawrenceburg, KY distillery is of course long shuttered and lies in veritable ruins, but the town's most famous distillery, Wild Turkey, is still thriving, and in a tribute to their erstwhile neighbors they have attempted to recreate the character of Bond & Lillard's Bourbon for this limited release. The whiskey itself is a blend of 4 and 6 year old bourbon that has been charcoal filtered for delicacy of flavor. This allows them to convert more aggressive congeners to esters, as was common in the beloved premium bourbons of yesteryear. Floral and fruity opening aromas, along with dill and cinnamon, give way to a smooth caramel sweetness on the upon tasting that lingers pleasantly. Notes of rye spice also come forward on the creamy full bodied palate. There is an ever present smoky wood character lingering behind the fruit, lending depth to the affair, while the whiskey is still focused on the brighter and more delicate aspects of bourbon that rarely get a chance to shine in modern bottlings. Bottled at 50% abv.