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Bouquet of Flowers Gin Set


The prettiest flowers you ever drank, this flight explores the beauty that a fine floral infusion can bring to gin. Each bottle exemplifies how deliciously primary notes of piney, earthy juniper can dance with floral herbaceousness as a secondary characteristic. The golden Bluecoat Elderflower and purple-red Fleurette Vermilion boast floral colors, too (the Bluecoat from elderflower and the Vermilion from hibiscus), while the Geranium is as clear as any London dry. 

Geranium Gin may be the purest expression of geranium flavor you’ll ever encounter. Chemistry inspired this unusual pairing: the distillers analyzed botanical compounds and discovered major chemical similarities between juniper and geranium. Affinity proved by science!

If you’re accustomed to sipping elderflower through St. Germain, you’re in for a crisp awakening with Bluecoat Elderflower. There’s no sugar here, only layered rose-elderflower complexities winding through herbal earthiness and citrus zing.

Fleurette Vermilion is vapor-distilled with flowers and botanicals and then infused with hibiscus petals to create its striking hue. A little dose of rose and honey reinforce its floral complexity and perfumed nose. 

Explore the floral side of gin with these three bottles:

  • Geranium Gin
  • Bluecoat Elderflower American Dry Gin
  • New Alchemy Fleurette Vermilion Gin