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Corte Vetusto Ensamble Mezcal


Corte Vetusto mezcal is hand-crafted by Juan Carlos Gonzalez Diaz, a 4th generation Zapotec Maestro Mezcalero. The art of mezcal making was passed down through the generations since his great grandfather, Don Mauro. The name of the brand Corte Vetusto means "the ancient cut" and comes from an old story about a master mezcalero's desire to create a cut of mezcal so divine that it invokes the spirit of generations before him. That sacred distillation of earth, fire and history is the Corte Vetusto.

This ensamble mezcal is distilled to proof at 43% ABV. The agave in this mezcal are crushed with a tahona and then naturally fermented. The first distillation in a 250 liter copper and the second distillation in a 70 liter clay pot still. The first batch of Corte Vetusto Ensamble was made with magueyes Madrecuixe, Cuixe, and Coyote (Americana); future batches may be made with different types of agaves. Notes of cherry hard candy, spearmint, minerality, orange curacao, and sour cream.