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Lemorton 25 Year Calvados Domfrontais


From the lovely little family farm of Didier and Martine Lemorton, 6th generation producers of traditional Domfrontais Calvados, the southern appellation of the region which produces Calvados from both apple and pear together. In Lemorton Calvados in particular the pear is dominant, making up 70-80% of the mash. All trees are planted high in order to preserve the orchards’ biodiversity, and when ready the ripe fruit is simply allowed to drop to the bed of grass below so the family can collect it. After aging it for an average of 11 months in oak barrels, the cider is distilled on the region's shared alambic still to about 70% abv, which is slowly reduced with spring water to bottling strength throughout the aging process.

The 25 year bottling gives off aromas of oak spice and sweet cider with a hint of rich vanilla and flowers. The palate retains the brightness and soft elegance of the apples and pears, but stands alongside a honeyed richness, clove, vanilla, and dry oak. Bottled at 40% abv.