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Lost Spirits Abomination 'The Sayers of the Law' Whiskey

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Abomination whiskey starts its life as 12-18 month old peated island malt. At the Lost Spirits Lab, oak staves are seasoned with Late Harvest Riesling and used to further mature the whiskey with Bryan Davis’ patent-pending technology. Because Riesling is matured in steel, the “used” oak staves exist only in their lab, creating a whiskey that probably shouldn’t exist.

‘The Sayers of the Law’ is made using charred American Oak, ‘The Crying of the Puma’ uses toasted American oak.

The Law clearly demonstrates the chimera nature of the Abomination whiskies, with Europe's signature island smoke mellowed considerably by the wood sugars and rich flavors of charred American oak. The nose is soft and rich, more burnt caramel sauce than burnt peat. The flavor follows the nose, with the smoke softened by a dose of oak and a dab of maple nut goodies.