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Lost Spirits Jamaican Rum

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Using their patented "THEA" accelerated aging technology, which involves suspending oak staves in the spirit and then exposing it to intense light and heat for about 6 weeks, Lost Spirits have created another fantastic mad scientist's rum like their Navy style. But this time instead of using their own distillate as the base rum, they made a blend of pot still Jamaican rums from cult favorite distilleries Hampden Estate, Worthy Park Estate, and Clarendon Distillery. The result is a combination of the fruit and funk that rum lovers have come to expect from those distilleries, along with the profile of a rum aged nearly 20 years in the tropics. It hasn't been, of course, but it sure tastes like it has. 

Bottled without any added sugar, flavors, or coloring at 49.7% abv, this is truly divine tasting stuff. The big over-ripe banana note that is so beloved in pot still Jamaican rum is very present, along with a bevy of tropical fruits, but it is all very well integrated with an intense oakiness. Not at all bitter, the wood shows itself in sweetness, rich caramel, and baking spice. Definitely one of the richest Jamaican rums out there, all without any additives. If you're down with the wild and potentially sacrilegious science experiment, a fantastic rum experiences awaits you.