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Shop Our Store Picks!

Milk & Honey & Olives Vodka Set

Using milk from the grass grazed cows of England's West Dorset coast, honey from beekeepers in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and cold-pressed Greek olives picked by hand, these vodkas are crafted with some of the most unique ingredients around. This new category of vodka known as "residual base" meets the technical threshold of vodka - distilled to 95% abv - before going on to proudly fail the odorless and flavorless taste test. Enjoy the smooth and creamy Black Cow Vodka distilled entirely from whey, Barr Hill's rich aromatics of nectar - and the floral depth of wildflower, and Kastra Elion's buttery smoothness with subtle notes of ripe olives and pepper.

Set includes: Black Cow Milk Vodka (750 ml), Barr Hill Honey Vodka (750 ml), and Kastra Elion Greek Olive Vodka (750 ml)