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Oka Kura Japanese Bermutto Sake Vermouth

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Tsutsumi Distillery has been producing traditional shochu for 141 years and is 1 of only 28 distilleries certified by the WTO as a Kuma Shochu producer which is similar to the DOC’s of scotch, tequila & cognac. Using 100% rice and only crystal clear water from the Kuma River, Tsutsumi Distillery is tremendously respected for their ability to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation.

There is a long history of adding herbs and flavoring to sake in Japan, the same way aromatized wines like vermouth came into being in Europe. They believed that herbs and spices blended with alcohol were curative and, for more pragmatic reasons, often served to make the wine or sake taste better. This sake based "vermouth" includes botanicals such as Kabosu (high acidity citrus), Sansho (Japanese peppercorn), Yomogi (Japanese mugworth), and Yuzu (aromatic citrus). A wonderful match for countless foods, try with sushi, and magic mixed into a cocktail as well.