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Rinomato Americano Bianco Aperitif

A line of aperitivi produced in the heart of Italy’s historic aperitivo region – Asti, Piedmont in collaboration with legendary barman Giancarlo Mancino. The distinct aromas are a product of meticulous ingredient sourcing from small family farms spanning 4 continents. The intense palate is ensured by timely crushing of botanicals on the production line, using a vintage botanical mill from the 1930s. Only then, and with great patience, do the blending and clarification processes bind all ingredients and flavors together, creating a structured, sophisticated, and refined beverage with great depth and balance.

Botanicals include bergamot, rhubarb, Roman wormwood, mandarin, angostura bark, chiretta, gentian, lavender, cinchona bark, vanilla, aloe, and cascarilla bark. A mélange of quality Italian white wines provide acidity, structure and floral notes. Gentian from France's Massif Centrale region provides dry and tannic layers. Succulent aromas of panettone, fresh bergamot and mandarin evolve into a gripping, complex and root-driven palate. Mix into long drinks (e.g. soda, tonic), into spritz and sparkling wine cocktails, and classic cocktails with quinine or gentian element (e.g. Vesper, 20th Century, Corpse Reviver, Negroni, etc.) Fantastic over ice with fresh grapefruit juice, sparkling water, and an orange peel.