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Rossville Union Barrel Proof Straight Rye Whiskey

by MGP

Indiana's MGP (or Midwest Grain Producers) have been the man behind the curtain for many a whiskey label over the last couple decades, fueling the whiskey boom with the actual juice to fill bottles with. When folks want to start a whiskey brand and can't actually manage to distill and age the stuff themselves, they often turn to MGP, who have proven to not just be a giant industrial behemoth of production, but legitimate masters of the craft as well, earning a somewhat reluctant cult following of drinkers who came to realize that all of these independent labels of whiskey they fell in love with all hailed from the same place. 

So it should come as no surprise that eventually MGP would capitalize on the prestige of their product with their own line of whiskies - no middle man necessary. Enter Rossville Union, made from a blend of MGP's 51% rye mashbill and their more well known 95% rye mashbill. It is aged between 5-6 years and for this Barrel Proof release, bottled at a barrel strength of 56.3% abv. 

On the nose, there is pure rye spice, straw, citrus, and summer fruits. The palate follows with a hefty spice, fresh baked bread, apricot, candied fruits, and a pleasant sweetness. The finish is long, with vanilla, oak, anise, and leather.