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WhistlePig Piggy Back 6 Year Rye

3 reviews
Crafted by the late legendary master distiller Dave Pickerell and master blender Pete Lynch, WhistlePig Piggy Back Rye is a 6 Year 100% rye whiskey. The shape of the bottle was changed from the standard WhistlePig wide shape to make the bottle easier to handle for bartenders. The pig that adorns the bottle is not wearing the standard WhistlePig top hat, but rather a Stetson hat, Dave's trademark. Bottled at 96.56 proof (Pickerell’s birth year being 1956).

Piggy Back is an affordable rye with tons of character. It's sweet on the nose, with cinnamon, peppercorn, tangerine and grapefruit zest. Spicy upfront with notes of apple, cardamom, cured leather, vanilla, and cacao. It has the strength to stand up in a cocktail but will also be quite enjoyable on its own for fans of bold American whiskeys.