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BuzzFree #FakeBooze

Even the Bitters + Bottles team, some of the most dedicated booze enthusiasts in all the land, balance out the cheer-filled holiday season with a few extra rounds of NO-ABV drinks come January.  In the interest of full disclosure, we've compiled a dossier of some of our very favorite buzz-free beverage enhancers.

fake booze beverage enhancers

BITTERS + BUBBLES: add 4-5 dashes into your favorite sparkling water

SODAS TO SAVOR: combine 1:5 with fizzy water for spirited flavor and 20% the sugar

  • Jack Rudy Elderflower Tonic: The tangy, juicy flavors of pear and lychee fruit meet bright orange peel and lemongrass, with just a hint of Tonic’s bitter quinine.
  • Speed Craft Bitter Lemon: A sparkling lemonade that comes for you with a big quinine smack and lemon oil pop, silkily delivered on the wings of gum arabic.
TEETOTODDY: warm up with a mock-toddy, liquid comfort food, hold the guilt
  • Black Tea + Tippleman’s Ginger Honey Syrup + Dead Rabbit Orinoco Bitters: To make, brew a strong batch of choice black tea, sweeten with a teaspoon of Tippleman’s ginger-laced wildflower honey syrup, and season with a couple dashes of Dead Rabbit’s mulling spice-centric Orinoco bitters. Finish with a wedge of lemon and serve in a handle-less mug for maximum hand and soul warming.

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